Does the idea of packing your doll up and sending her off to California give you night sweats?  Sleep soundly; Galmato Haven Travel Repair is now here. That’s right, we’ll pre-ship to you the materialsneeded for the repair and Reggie will follow on a plane.


  • Your doll never leaves home for up to 6 weeks or more
  • Your doll can’t be damaged further or lost in transit
  • Shipping is expensive. Shipping internationally is really expensive.
  • See how to do the repair from Reggie in person
  • No customs worries for international customers

Customer pays:

  • Airfare/Car Rental
  • Cost of repair
  • $125 per diem, minimum 2 days
  • For local repairs (within 50 miles): Cost of repair + $250 travel fee

Note from Reggie: “Don’t worry guys and ladies, I won’t be flying first class, renting Lamborghini’s and staying at the Hilton on your dime. 2 days are necessary to be sure all repairs take properly. In some cases more than 2 days may be necessary for multiple or extensive repairs.”

To set up a house call, e-mail