Non-Insured Repairs

Doll Doctors to the rescue! We’re ready to get you gal or guy back to 100%.  Use the form on this page to explain your repair situation and we’ll have a quote for you within 48 hours.

Any non-warranty repair will be billed at $500 minimum per repair or $200 minimum for facial/skull repairs. See how you can save on repair costs with the Realdoll Consumer Protection Plan.

List of available repairs available are as follows. Don’t see the repair you need listed? It’s ok. Still get in touch and let us know what it is. We can help.

  • Joints: tightening or loosening as needed or replacement
  • Skeletal: PVC and foam repair of skeleton
  • Tears, cuts and pokes to the Silicone Body
  • Orifice repair
  • Eye Balancing
  • Scalp resealing
  • Full body re-pour (conditions apply)

We’ll do our best to have her back home in 4 weeks unless repairs are extensive or require waiting for factory parts.

*PLEASE NOTE: All Realcock2 damages are handled directly by the manufacturer.  Contact for assistance*