This document limits your rights.  Prior to purchasing any warranty services with GALMATO HAVEN (also referred to here-in as “GALMATO”) please date and acknowledge the following:

I am over 18 years of age and I agree to the terms contained in this limited warranty:

By prearranging services with GALMATO you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this limited warranty (“Warranty”) as set forth here.  Do not ship or arrange payment until you have read these terms completely.  The information on this page regarding warranties and legal rights is intended for customers shipping within the United States only.  These terms and conditions are void outside of the U.S.A., or in any jurisdiction where they are forbidden by law.

Pre-Conditions of Warranty Coverage:

*  It is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that you document the condition of your doll, with photographs or video, prior to shipment.   If you are able to provide GALMATO HAVEN with copies of these media and a description of the services requested, it will assist us in providing the best repair and maintenance possible.  Shipments without photo records sent or included will waive rights to recover damages incurred in shipment except through the third-party shipper.

** Owner is responsible for payment of shipping to and from GALMATO HAVEN.


While GALMATO maintains biohazard protocols at our service facility, shipment of unlabeled harmful materials or biological matter may be a violation of Federal or State law.

Warranty of our repairs:

Galmato Repair a California Corporation (LLC), warrants all repair services provided against issues of workmanship when used within product guidelines for a period of 90 days. Product guidelines include, but are not limited to use, care and regular maintenance instructions provided as part of the original product shipment.  GALMATO  is under no obligation to provide owners with original packaging guidelines and those purchasing their dolls in a secondary market are obligated to contact the original manufacturer to obtain guidelines for care and usage.

This warranty does not apply to costs for replacement of batteries or other consumable parts and any services requiring the use of third-party products, including battery or electronic replacement, does not subsume an Original Equipment Manufacturer warranty on the part of GALMATO.  Those third party vendors may provide additional warranties to you.

This warranty does not cover after-market modifications that alter appearance, functionality or capability unless these modifications were performed by GALMATO. Your acceptance of this warranty includes consent that, in cases where replacement parts or repair materials for models are obsolete or otherwise unavailable, that comparable parts or materials may be used to satisfy any warranty claims.

We reserve the right, but are not obligated, to limit the sales and scope of warranty services to any person, geographic region or jurisdiction. We may exercise this right on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to limit the quantities of any products or services that we offer. All descriptions of products, services or pricing are subject to change at any time without notice, at the sole discretion of us. We reserve the right to discontinue any product or service at any time. Any offer for any product or service made on this site is void where prohibited.

While we at GALMATO strive to make our customers happy with results, we do not warrant that the quality of any repairs, products, services, information, or other materials will meet your expectations, or that any errors in the Service will ultimately be corrected.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: GALMATO’S  MAXIMUM LIABILITY FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO OBJECT(S) BY ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOSS OR DAMAGE RESULTING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF GALMATO, IS LIMITED TO THE TOTAL COST OF SERVICES PAID BY CLIENT AND THE MARKET VALUE OF ANY PROPERTY DESTROYED OR $5000.00, WHICHEVER IS LESS, BUT IT SHALL NOT EXCEED THE ACTUAL LOSS OR DAMAGE. Client agrees that Client is responsible to insure Client’s PROPERTY against all perils of whatsoever nature. GALMATO shall not be liable for consequential, special, or punitive damages, including, but not limited to, loss caused by delay, loss of revenue, income, profit, diminution of market value, and /or utility, and emotional distress whether or not GALMATO had knowledge that such damages may have been incurred.